Life Without Limits

Pink Gloves Boxing

January 21, 2020 Joan Kaylor
Life Without Limits
Pink Gloves Boxing
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Pink Gloves Boxing

"Exercise and fitness have saved my life.

They are that important to me.

My passion is working with women who have spent a lifetime putting themselves last and are now ready to begin putting themselves first."

Addictions counselor, EFT/Matrix Reimprinting practitioner and Lifestyle and Fitness Coach. Mikki brings over 30 years experience to her work that she continues to do with passion and complete belief that freedom is possible.

What the center line that ties all of her work together is courage.

Whether you're recovering from an addiction, healing from surgery, navigating a family crisis, or finally wanting to take control of your health and fitness,

I'm here to tell you the journey forward takes bravery… and is so worth it.

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Online courses on using Emotional Freedom Techniques to end excuses for moving.

Joan offers individual help for the mental excuses that keep you frozen.

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