Life Without Limits

Let's discuss how to downsize and end overwhelm.

June 29, 2020 Joan Kaylor
Life Without Limits
Let's discuss how to downsize and end overwhelm.
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Let's discuss how to downsize and end overwhelm.

Are you overwhelmed with stuff? Are you transitioning into a new chapter in your life and need to downsize? This is your podcast. Whether you need help organizing or are planning a major move Ceri teaches tips on how to organize your new life.

I learned a lot talking with Ceri Binotto about organizing and downsizing for seniors, really anyone. I had major cleaning and sanitizing to do before I re opened my physical office. I threw out so much stuff. It felt so good to "let go" of junk I have collected over 15 years. Removing things no longer needed is also a part of Feng Shui my other love after Emotional Freedom Techniques. One can't be happy in a disorganized home. Listen as Ceri explores how to downsize.

Ceri Binotto, Senior Move Manager for Discover Organizing Inc. wakes up each day with a passion to make the difficult process of moving easy for seniors. She and her team of caring professional organizers are there for as much or as little help as needed providing resources, handling the physical work of moving, overseeing move management and settling in services so the customer can make the transition into their new home with peace of mind. Ceri regularly attends the annual National Association of Senior Move Manager Conference and is ready to put into action all the best practices shared by her colleagues.

Ceri's education and background includes Reiki practitioner, Le Cordon Bleu trained, hair stylist and most recently Certified Senior Move Manager.

All her career path choices have centered around making individuals feel good about themselves and providing assistance.

Ceri Binotto, Senior Move Manager

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