Life Without Limits

Sober October - What you don't get in alcohol rehab.

August 20, 2020
Life Without Limits
Sober October - What you don't get in alcohol rehab.
Show Notes

If you are a woman addicted or dependent on alcohol this podcast is for you.
If you numb your pain with wine, booze or beer this podcast is for you.
If you can't stop at two drinks this podcast is for you.

Jules Vandermaat and Katie Walker have created a program for women dependent on alcohol called Sober October. Jules and Katie are both certified advanced practitioners in Emotional Freedom Techniques EFT/tapping.

Jules Vandermaat is an Accredited Certified Advanced EFT Practitioner with EFT International, and a highly qualified Social Worker and therapist with over 30 years of combined experience.
She specialises in helping people recover from trauma, and in particular she works with those who have experienced the trauma of sexual abuse.
She has a thriving private practice in Coffs Harbour, Australia, working with people from around the world.
Jules is also an Evidence Based EFT Trainer with Dr Peta Stapleton’s team, teaching health professionals about the science and research behind EFT tapping and how to successfully incorporate it into their therapy practice.
Jules first discovered EFT whilst working at the Sexual Assault Service. She was on the verge of burn out at the time, as she found that the traditional talk therapies in which she was trained in were just not helping her clients with their trauma. It was so clear in that setting that the trauma was living in the bodies of her clients, and many of them were barely able to talk about what happened to them, no matter what other therapies they had tried. The cognitive based therapies were not helpful, and could even be harmful, but as a somatic modality, EFT made a huge difference, bringing the body back in to therapy.
Since discovering EFT, Jules has never looked back, as she watched it safely and gently transform the lives of the clients she worked with, some of whom had suffered for decades with PTSD, anxiety, shame and self-blame.
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Together Jules and Katie love teaching people the power of EFT, and they share lots of great information, tips and  tools for reducing stress, anxiety and cravings so people can feel good naturally without needing alcohol to calm themselves  down or lift themselves up. 

Katie Walker is an Advanced Certified EFT Practitioner (EFT International and EFT Universe), a Certified EFT Relationship Coach and Counsellor.
She combines 20 years’ of working with people, and experience in human resources and recruitment to help people understand themselves, work through negative and limiting beliefs, so they can live a happier and healthier life wholeheartedly.
She has built her career on her love for supporting and guiding people and finds nothing more fulfilling than helping someone find clarity, to feel great and at peace within themselves.
She works with women to help them find love, supports women with sex and intimacy challenges and blockages, coaches working mums who are overwhelmed and, runs programs for women who need and want assistance and support with changing their relationship with alcohol.
By employing an authentic, empathetic and compassionate approach to support and guide people to reduce stress, anxiety and emotional pain her aim is to enable people to live a life wholeheartedly, with purpose, balance and fulfilment.
She offers one-to-one EFT coaching and group EFT sessions in person and on-line. She lives in Perth, Western Australia (Australia).
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